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Please browse through out FAQ to find answers to your questions/queries.  If you stil need help, please contact us here.

How do we get to Koh Phagnan and to Pure Flow Yoga?

There are many different paths that all lead here, whether you fly into Bangkok , Kuala Lumpur, Surat Thani, or our closest airport Koh Samui, or take a train or a bus. Click here for more travel information

Do you book travel and airport transfers?

The journey is part of the adventure and each individual is expected to organize their own travel independently.

What are the payment options?

You can complete your payment via PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. Credit card payments can be made securely through PayPal without even needing to have a PayPal account.

I’m a beginner, will I be able to participate in all of the classes offered?

We love beginners! All of the classes we offer here are very beginner-friendly, specifically and creatively designed to provide safe and balanced instruction for all levels of experience, with an emphasis on bringing each student to their own personal edge – the place where they can physically, mentally and spiritually open and expand the most. We encourage students to listen to their bodies as much as possible and take resting poses whenever necessary. The classes are light-hearted and intelligently structured, allowing for a beautiful interplay of alignment principles, breath awareness, and conscious theme explorations. Of course, intermediate and advanced practitioners are also happily welcome.

I'm coming alone, is that okay?

Most of our retreat students are travelling alone and find it very easy to connect with interesting people in this very social atmosphere. There are many opportunities to meet and connect with other travellers and locals at the community events and parties.

I want to register for 2 people & we want to share 1 room. How do I do that?

We require each participant to complete their own registration forms.  For couples or friends wishing to share a bungalow, please ensure that one of you signs up for our regular yoga retreats here (which includes the accommodation fee), and one of you signs up for our yoga-only retreat here (which has no accommodation fee).  This way you both will share the same room.

I don’t understand why the 10 day yoga retreat is 13 nights?

Our retreats run from Monday-Friday of each scheduled week. The Yoga Bliss & Yoga Love retreats include your accommodation for the Saturday and Sunday nights in between our scheduled classes.

Accommodations – how basic is basic?

We have a small number of individual bungalows with private bathrooms that we can book through Bamboo Huts, a beautiful and rustic budget option very near to the studio.  There are several other budget accommodation options in the area, all within 5-10 minute walking distance to the yoga shala. Most of the budget accommodations, including Bamboo Huts, have 24-hour electricity, bucket flush toilets and cold showers, which is much nicer than it sounds! When you arrive here and realize that you are on tropical paradise island, footsteps to the beach and living the simple lifestyle that yogis recommend, you will likely begin to realize that zen-like simplicity offers so much more than you could ever imagine :).

To view a few pictures of our Bamboo Huts accommodation please check out our magical location page here

If you prefer a more luxury option please feel welcome to book your own and sign-up for our Yoga-Only Retreat: Simply Yoga here

Can I book my own accommodation? Is there a luxury option?

If you are interested in booking your own accommodation or upgrading to a luxury accommodation option please check our Simply Yoga package here

My available dates are different than the ones the you've offered. Can I start whenever I want?

All participants are asked to arrive on the Sunday before the retreat begins on Monday to acclimatize to the surroundings and be ready for the orientation on Monday morning, where we share important information about the retreat week and area information. Because our retreats are in such high demand and we have very specific accommodation dates, we give preference to students who can be with us and the group for the duration of the course.

Are meals included? Where do we eat?

Food is not included in the price of the retreat. There are several excellent dining options in the area which offer delicious and healthy food, satisfying all sorts of different tastes and dietary needs and can range from $3-4 USD/meal for delicious Thai/western meals, to $10-15 USD if you want a fine dining experience.  Read more about food here.

What are the Check-In and Check-Out times?

Check-in is anytime on Sunday. Please check the ferry timetables on our getting here page here to ensure that you are able to arrive on Koh Phagnan by Sunday evening at the latest so that you can check-in and settle in to your accommodation. We will begin the retreat at 9am Monday morning at the Lotus Yoga studio. Check-out for all retreats is Saturday morning at 11 am.

What is your cancellation or change of date policy?

Thailand Yoga Retreat Tuition Cancellation Policy:  We have designed our cancellation policy to be as compassionate as possible in the case that your plans change. But to protect yourself further, we strongly encourage you to purchase travel insurance.

In the case of cancellation the total tuition price may be refunded up until 2 months before the Yoga Retreat’s start date minus a 25% administration fee, and the accommodation fee (if applicable).

Please note that there will be no refunds or discounts for arriving late, leaving early, flight cancellations, travel delays or illness. If you cancel your participation in a retreat for any reason, the cancellation policy will apply, with no exceptions. We wish we could compensate people for unforseen circumstances (injury, family emergency, etc), but we have costs already incurred when reserving.

Accommodation Cancellation / Change of Date Policy: Once paid the accommodation fees are non-refundable.  Changing of dates are subject to availability and a surcharge of $50 USD.

Is the WATER safe to drink?

There is no need to bring iodine tablets or purification liquids, the water is safe to drink in Thailand. However, the bottled water is even better and is sold everywhere. As well, you can refill your bottle at Bamboo Huts and other Resorts.


You should consult your local travel clinic to see what they suggest. It is really up to the individual for what they choose and what they feel comfortable with. Most people choose not to get shots as Thailand is a very safe place to travel to.

When does the retreat end on Friday?

The retreat closes after the final yoga session on Friday afternoon, just after 6:30PM. Friday night accommodation is included in the price of your retreat.

What about VISAS?

You are only granted a 30-day visa upon landing by flight into Thailand. If you plan on travelling though Thailand before or after the teacher training we advise our students to obtain a Two-Month tourist visa from your local Thai Consulate in your home country. Currently these visas are free for most countries. If you intend to stay even longer you can extend this two-month visa by 30 days on Koh Samui. If you intend to stay even longer, you can obtain another two- month visa by making a trip to Penang or Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia or cross one of Thailand’s borders. When filling out your Thai visa application form, you can put Bamboo Huts, Koh Phangan, Thailand for your guarantor/and or place to stay in Thailand. When you apply for a 2 month tourist visa state on your application form that you are visiting as a tourist. It is best not to mention that you’re doing a Yoga Retreat here, otherwise you will have to apply for a special visa that is difficult to obtain and involves much paperwork….and each Thai embassy has their own right to reject your application form if they don’t feel you have the exact paperwork that they see fit!!

What does a typical day look like?

Generally we spend about 5 hours/day, meditating, doing yoga asana and learning the philosophy and practicalities of a yoga practice. Two times a week we begin our days at 8:15 with Pranayama and Meditation, after which we have our first yoga asana class. Within the retreat we offer 2 daily 90- minutes classes, which are generally quite dynamic and physical, allowing for a beautiful interplay of alignment principles, breath awareness, and conscious theme exploration. The morning class is a flow and in the afternoons, we explore a few different styles included Yin, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yang, and Bhakti Bliss. Most mornings after the yoga asana class we will have a 90 minute workshop on some aspect of yoga, including alignment, developing a home practice and an introduction to Ayurveda and Holistic Lifestyle.  Read more about our approach to Yoga here and find out more about the retreats here

If I am staying on the island after my retreat am I still welcome to attend daily classes?

We would love to have you continue practicing with us! Our 2 daily classes are open to the public, and so you are free to join as often as you like.  You can view our daily class schedule here

Is it going to be the RAINY SEASON when I am there?

Generally, the rainy season in the south of Thailand is between October and November, although as the weather conditions are determined by the monsoons this can change and December can end up being rainy as well.  We do have scattered rains throughout the year but more often than not we have lots of beautiful sunshine.   There is some rain year-round, but you’ll find the rain may only last a couple of hours a day and be followed by beautiful sunshine.   The dry season tends to be from February to April.   You can learn more about weather here.

Is INTERNET available?

There is internet and WIFI in Haad Yuan at Big Blue, Pariya Resorts, & Bamboo huts, and in Had Thien at the Sanctuary Resort. The nearest post office is in Haad Rin (the internet is also readily available there). You can make calls on skype via the internet, at Big Blue Resort in Haad Yuan, or at the Sanctuary in Haad Tien. Also you can call with a phone card at a local telephone booth, from your cell phone or from the travel agents or internet stores in Haad Rin.

What should I pack?
  • It is best to bring your own yoga mat for energetic & sanitary purposes, but we also have public yoga mats if you don’t have your own.
  • A notebook & pens to write in for your own notes.
  • Alarm Clock/Watch
  • Ear Plugs: especially for the Tuesday/Saturday night parties nearby.
  • WATER BOTTLE: for filtered water refills and to help us reduce plastic waste
  • Sarong or Towel: for the beach and yoga practice. You can buy great inexpensive sarongs here.
  • Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Hat, Swim suit, Flip-flops Camera Flashlight with battery
  • Insect repellent: if you choose, also available here.
  • Medical prescriptions
  • Toiletries
  • Long Sleeve Light Sweater for cooler evenings
  • BACKPACKS: for traveling as opposed to suitcases for ease of carrying luggage up and down the beach.
  • The bungalows all have mosquito nets, so there is no need to bring one.
  • Outlet Adapter: There are outlets in the bungalows, so you will be able to charge any electronic devices, with an adapter for Thailand. This is available at most outdoor/travel stores. Keep in mind that the outlets in Thailand are 220 V, so be sure that your devices can handle that voltage by checking the indication on the charger or device. However, you should be able to charge most simple devices; ie: mp3 player, cell phone, camera etc. with an adaptor.
How much $$$ should I budget for?

If you budget $20- $25/  day for food including coconuts and sweet treats then you will be beyond abundant! You may also like to treat yourself to some delightful extras, like a private session with a wellness specialist (1 – 2500 baht), a bit of gift shopping, an extra massage or two, or perhaps a spa treatment. Because there are no ATMs on our part of the island, we recommend bringing more than you think you might need, just to be safe and flexible.  Living in Thailand is super affordable and we encourage you to treat yo’self!

Any other Helpful Tips?!
  • You can get your laundry done on the island for approx. 40 Baht per pound or you can hand wash it yourself and hang them to dry on your balcony.
  • A photo copy of your passport should be made and kept separate from your money and credit cards.You can keep all valuables locked up with the place where you are staying if you so choose.
  • In Thailand the head is considered to be the most revered and honored part of the body and the feet are considered unclean. As such, please do not use your feet to point to anything and do not touch people on the head, even children.  If you are female, avoid touching the monks. It is considered taboo